High Technician International Marketing Management

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It is a programme organised by 5 European institutions that offer training at EQF level 5 in Italy, Spain, Portugal and The Netherlands.

The students enrolled will have the opportunity to study and do internships in four European countries, obtain two EQF5 qualifications (Tecnico Superiore in International Business Marketing  and Tècnic Superior en Màrketing i  Publicitat) and the opportunity to continue their training for one, two or three years at a university in Portugal or the Netherlands and obtain, therefore, a University Degree.

1st Term: Fondació JAC (Italy) – 30 ECTS

  • Marketing
  • Sales management
  • CRM
  • International Marketing


2nd Term: Stenden University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)  – 30 ECTS

  • Creative business


3rd Term: Escola del Treball and Institut de Vic (Spain) – 30 ECTS

  • Economic and financial management of a company
  • Commercial research
  • Commercial research fieldwork


4th Term: Atlantica University (Portugal)  – 30 ECTS

  • Online consumer research
  • Big data analysis
  • Online open innovation
  • Technology to solve consumer needs


If you are interested in joining the IMM course, a pre-registration in CFGS Màrqueting i Publicitat is required.
After the pre-registration process you will receive an e-mail with more information. 

2 years: September to June

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