Higher Technician in Automation and robotics

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The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to:

Developing and managing projects of assembly and maintenance of automatic installations of measurement, regulation and processes control in industrial systems, as well as and supervising or assembling, maintaining and implementing these systems, respecting criteria of quality, safety and respect for the environment as well as design.

The duration of the training is 2,000 hours (approximately 1,617 hours in the training centre and 383 hours in a company) distributed in two years.

Students will be able to do internships in European companies through Erasmus grants.

  • Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems 
  • Programmable Sequential Systems 
  • Measurement and Control Systems 
  • Power Systems 
  • Technical Documentation 
  • Industrial Computing 
  • Advanced Programmable Systems 
  • Industrial Robotics 
  • Industrial Communication 
  • Integration of Industrial Automation 
  • Project on Industrial Automation and Robotics 
  • Professional Training and Guidance 
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative 
  • On the Job Training
  • Department manager for the supervisión of assembly of automation systems
  • Department manager for the supervisión of maintenance of industrial automation
  • Checker of appliances, electrical panels and equipment
  • Department manager in electromechanical workshops
  • Technician in maintenance organization of industrial automation systems
  • Technician in implementation of industrial automation systems
  • Designer of control systems for industrial automation systems
  • Designer of measurement and control systems for industrial automation systems 
  • Designer of communication networks in industrial automation systems
  • Scheduler-industrial robot controller
  • Technician in the design of electrical control systems
  • Designer of integrated circuits and systems in industrial automation
Robotic qualification
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