Higher Technician in International trade

Interships in companies abroad
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The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to:

Planning and managing the processes of import/export and introduction/dispatch of goods in accordance with the applicable law in the framework of the objectives and the procedures established.

The duration of the training is 2,000 hours (approximately 1,584 hours in the training centre and 416 hours in a company) distributed in two years.

These studies are offered together with those of Higher Technician in Transport and Storage Logistics. The student who finishes the International Trade Diploma can supplement his/her education by means of fulfilling a third year; thus, carrying out the specific contents for Transport and Logistics and so being able to validate the common contents.

The student has the chance to undertake internship in companies abroad thanks to our Erasmus Mobility Programme.

  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Storage Logistics
  • Economic and Financial Management of the Company
  • Market Information System
  • International Marketing
  • International Negotiation
  • International Financing
  • Administrative Management of International Trade
  • International Means of Payment
  • International Digital Trade
  • English
  • Project on International Trade
  • Professional Training and Guidance
  • On the Job Training
  • Trade technician.
  • Technician in external operations of financial institutions and insurance.
  • International Trade Administration technician
  • International trade deputy assistant.
  • International Trade Agent
  • Technician in international marketing.
  • Technician in international digital marketing.
  • Technician in international sales.
  • Assistant to the international trade department
  • Freight Forwarder.
  • Shipping agent.
  • Logistics operator.
  • Warehouse Manager.
  • Technician in Transport Logistics.
  • Logistics Coordinator.
  • Technician in reverse logistics.

PM09: International negotiation

Some training units in PM01 -Administrative Management of International Trade

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