Enviromental policy

The Escola del Treball is a state vocational school whose aim is to effectively meet the needs of current society, educational administration and all members of educational community. Therefore, it is fully equipped with management and work tools in order to:

  • Offer an educational service of quality that enables students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in order to stand out throughout their professional career and also cater for continuous training, within a frame of respect towards people and the environment, fostering freedom, critical spirit, participation, solidarity, tolerance and the value of effort, ecological values and the will for self-improvement.
  • Develop a management system of quality and environment according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards based in a system of organisation and management by procedures, thus acquiring the commitment to:

    • Meet the regulation requirements associated to applicable aspects of quality, ensure the customer’s demand and meet the needs and expectations of the people who, either direct or indirectly, make use of the services of the school : students, families, companies, higher educational schools and institutions, offering them all a quality service.
    • Comply with the regulatory environmental laws and legislations and work on a continuous improvement of the result procedures, as much as management and streamlining are concerned and also of the prevention of the environmental impact of our activities and services.

  • Provide an additional charter to regulate policies and practices to improve education, creativity, proactivity and employment and also the links with companies and institutions of the area by means of technological and knowledge transfer. This charter for services is meant to be a tool of presentation and reliability for the current and future users, companies and institutions the school works with.

The commitment to quality and environment concerns the whole school management and the continuous improvement is a duty of all the staff. The management  team ensures the necessary resources to comply with the quality aims and environmental objectives.