Higher Technician in Environmental education and control

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The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to:

Raising awareness and educating throughout the population by fostering attitudes which contribute to the preservation and improvement of the environment, informing about its values and the diverse environmental problems, empowering people to make the right decisions, designing activities for their knowledge and used based on sustainable principles, as well as carrying out environmental management actions in order to control and preserve the environment applying the regulations in force.

The duration of the training is 2,000 hours (approximately 1,584 hours in the training centre and 416 hours in a company) distributed in two years.

Students will be able to do internships in European companies through Erasmus grants.

  • Environmental Structure and Dynamics 
  • Natural Environment 
  • Human Activities and Environmental Concerns 
  • Environmental Management 
  • Mapping Methods and Products 
  • English 
  • Environmental Education Techniques 
  • Environmental Education Programmes 
  • Public Use Activities 
  • Development in the Environment 
  • Social Skills 
  • Project on Environmental Education and Control 
  • Professional Training and Guidance 
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative 
  • On the Job Training
  • Environmental educator
  • Environmental reporter
  • Environmental education instructor
  • Environmental documentalist
  • Environmental guide
  • Environmental activities scheduler
  • Environmental campaigns instructor
  • Natural heritage interpreter and guide
  • Professional providing environmental management services
  • Professional providing environmental services
  • Technician in monitoring natural areas
  • Environmental instructor
  • Environmental agent or similar position
  • Instructor at environmental facilities
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