EC - Smart manufacturing

Technological trends towards a global integration of value chains demand professionals with skills and knowledge of the most advanced technologies, who can respond to their implementation in the current production processes and with an extra attention to safety issues.

This specialization course consists of developing and managing adaptation projects of production processes identifying the production goals, taking into account the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and applying cutting-edge  technologies of production control and the requirements of quality and safety.

Through this Specialization or Postgraduate Course in Vocational Training you can obtain an Official Certificate (level 5.5.4) according to the International Standard Classification of Education. The course is regulated by the Royal Ordenance 481/2020 and it consists of 36 ECTS with a duration of 600 hours.


Access requirements

Be in possession of one of these certificates:

  • Higher Technician in Automation and Robotics
  • Higher Technician in Industrial Mechatronics
  • Higher Technician in Mechanical Manufacture Design
  • Higher Technician in Mechanical Manufacture Production Scheduling
  • Higher Technician in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems
  • Higher Technician in Electronics Maintenance
  • Intelligent Production Processes
  • Metrology and Intelligent Instrumentation
  • Network and Internet  Connected Environments of Objects
  • Virtualization of Machines and Production Processes
  • On the Job Training

Holders of this diploma will be able to carry out their professional activity in public and private companies of the industrial production field with a relevant amount of automation and whose activities are aimed  to the integration of all their digital operation and management systems.

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