My IMM experience: Italy

Incredible, funny but incomplete. These probably will be the perfect words to define my IMM experience in Italy, and now I’m going to explain to you why…

The beginning never is easy, that’s what people say and that’s true, it wasn’t easy to start the trip in Italy. We spent our first days in a hotel because our house wasn’t available but there, we met our future flat and classmates from Vic and it was a great experience. Since the very first moment we started spending most of our time together, we went on an excursion to the mountains, we went around the little village where the hotel was located and there we had our first Italian pizza.

After 3 days in the hotel we went to the school. The school is built inside the walls of an old monastery, and it is elegant and majestic. The main impression was really good, we were invited to a brunch and after that we went to our new home.

Probably life in the flat was the most difficult part of our stay in Italy. It’s difficult to live in a flat with 9 people you still don’t know only in 3 rooms and even more if it is located in a village where you don’t have any bar or any shop to go out to spend some time, but after all it is the way you learn how to get to know other people’s life style and also start to know yourself better.

As for the course, we all (the Catalan guys) agreed that it was better than we had expected: The teachers are all certified professionals, the classes were dynamic and funny and though we had to make a strong effort during the firsts weeks to pick up all the contents that the teachers explained, after some days it was easy to know that this is an incredible opportunity to succeed in our lives.

I started my article saying that it was an incomplete experience and that’s because I would have liked to do more things in Italy and that’s the reason why I’m anxious to go to the Netherlands, to meet more people and to get to know different cultures, different ways to understand and see life and to discover another world totally new and incredible to me.