Higher Technician in Chemistry and Environmental Health

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Project based training
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The holder of this Diploma will have aquired the General Competence with regard to:

Having a professional career  mainly in Private or State Health Services, in any production sectors that are potentially polluting and in National, Autonomic or Local Administation offices related to Health and environment.

Taking part in healthcare inspections, in analysis laboratories, research centres, university centres, agricultural farming and companies related to the field of environmental control.

As employées, they depend on a supervisor and , given the case, they collaborate with membres of other departments.  When they work in  Health Services, their professional activity relies on the Administration regulation.

The duration of the training is 2,000 hours (approximately 1584 hours in the training centre and  416 hours in a company) distributed in two academic years.

  • Environmental Management
  • Healtn and Environment Education
  • Water control Systems
  • Residue control programmes
  • Health and risks in buildings
  • Food safety control
  • Environmental atmospheric pollution
  • Control of harmful organisms
  • Environmental Health Unit
  • Professional Training and Guidance
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative
  • Poject on Chemistry and Environmental Health
  • English
  • On the Job Training
  • Environmental Control Sytems Coordinator
  • Environmental activities programmer
  • Environmental documentalist
  • Technician in Health Control (water, food, atmosphere, residues…)
  • Air pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Technician in Harfmful Organisms Control
  • Technician in urban pests control and  associated natural environment
  • Salesperson of biocidal and plant-protection products
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