Technician in Joinery and Furniture Making

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The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to: Manufacturing joinery and furniture elements, carrying out the processes of machining, assembly, finishing, storage and product dispatch, complying with quality, safety and environmental protection specifications.  

The duration of the training is 2,000 hours (approximately 1,617 hours in the training centre and 383 hours in the company) distributed in two years.

Students are offered the possibility to obtain two qualifications in three years so students who are doing these vocational studies and training in Joinery and Furniture Making can do a third year training in Fitting and Furnishing and get this second qualification.

Students will also be able to do internships in European companies through Erasmus grants.

  • Joinery and Cabinet making Materials
  • Construction Solutions
  • Basic Joinery Operations
  • Basic Furniture Making Operations
  • Stock Control
  • Technical Documentation
  • Wood and By-products Machining
  • Machining with Computer Numerical Controlled Machine Tools in Joinery and Cabinet making
  • Joinery and Cabinet Assembly
  • Joinery and Cabinet making Finishings
  • Professional Training and Guidance
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative
  • Technical English
  • Work Placement
  • Operator of fixed machinery for the manufacture of wooden products
  • Press Operator
  • Bench Operator-assembler
  • Joinery Fitter-assembler
  • Varnisher-lacquerer
  • Finishing Area Manager
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