Higher Technician in Analysis and quality control laboratory

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Project based training

The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to:

Organising and coordinating laboratory activities and the sampling plan, making any type of tests and analyses on materials and products in process or finished, focused on research and quality control, interpreting the results obtained, and acting under good laboratory practice rules.

The two year course covers 2,000 hours of lessons and training,  (1,551 hours of lessons in the education centre and 449 hours training in the workplace ).

Students can do internships abroad in foreign companies within the Erasmus European mobility programme.

  • Sampling and Sample Preparation
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Physical Tests
  • Physicochemical Tests
  • Microbiological Tests
  • Biotechnological Tests
  • Quality and Safety in Laboratories
  • Project in Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory
  • Professional Training and Guidance
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative
  • On the Job Training

The Higher Technician in Analysis and Quality Control Laboratory works in companies or laboratories within different sectors in which carrying out physical, physicochemical, chemical and instrumental analyses on materials and products used for quality control and research are necessary, as well as sectors in which microbiological and biotechnological tests within environmental or food areas, among others, are needed.

The most relevant occupations or jobs are the following:

  • Laboratory analyst within public and private companies
  • Chemical laboratory analyst
  • Microbiological laboratory analyst
  • Materials laboratory analyst
  • Food and agriculture industries laboratory analyst
Analysis Quality control laboratory qualification
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