My Erasmus experience:

Sometimes you come across opportunities that you cannot miss, although they are often difficult decisions.

This was one of those opportunities, but I left my doubts aside and I went ahead. 2 years, 4 countries, and everything in english.

The first place has been Italy, specifically Bergam. A city in the north of Italy of which I had never heard before.

The first days were fantastic and at the same time a bit strange, you meet many new people and you get to know a different country, but it is also hard for you to stop seeing your friends, family and your girlfriend for some time. you do so many new things and sometimes it is hard work but if you are lucky to be studying what you like, this makes up for it.  As the days pass by you enter into a routine and then you see the good things and the bad things. And here it is where precisely I wanted to get to and this is the moment when you start to grow as a person. You don’t have parents by your side to help you solve the problems. You must be the one who has to overcome the difficulties and this will make you grow quicker.

 In the academic side, it has also been very interesting, I learned a lot and that is also thanks to the school. I have also improved my English, at the beginning it was quite hard but  it has been a very enriching experience.

My conclusion is that it is undoubtedly an experience that is both personal and academic, and although it is difficult to leave your comfort at home, I recommend everyone to do it.