1- 4th OCTOBER 2019

40 Catalan entrepreneurship & talent stakeholders

For the third year in a row Catalunya Emprèn organizes an international seminar in a global reference entrepreneurial ecosystem with a clear goal: to promote the improvement of the entrepreneurship and talent promotion network in Catalunya. In this 4 days seminar participants were exposed to the fundamentals of the Boston startup ecosystem. This included educational sessions, panels, visit to key players to hear the best practices etc. This was also an opportunity to form a network of relationships with leaders between the Boston and Catalan ecosystems.

During the seminar we covered a variety of topics surrounding the Boston startup and

innovation scene such as entrepreneurship, education and trainning, growth, community and technology transfer, and corporate entrepreneurship, all bringing a holistic view of the sucess of the ecosystem.

INS Escola del Treball participated in this seminar and visited the most important Fab Lab in Boston . A fab Lab is an advanced digital fabrication laboratory that consists of a suite of fabrication and rapid prototyping machines incluiding a large CNC Router, a 3D desktop mil and scanner, etc. Fal Labs across the world share the same base machines, tools and software such that collaborations can happen seamlessly across national and international borders. The impact of Fab Lab, however, goes well beyond the machines it contains. Fab Lab allows people to explore the entire engineering design process in authentic and real world contexts by provinding tools that enable people to go from concept to drawing and models to prototyping to redesign to final product. We visited the MIT, Harward , Medialab, Artisan’s Asylum and we eventually participated in a sesion with internships training and students entrepreneurships.

This travel was organizated by Cataluna Emprèn and 33 teachers from VET centers around Catalonia took part in it.