My Erasmus in The Netherlands

My name is Jordi Mayench and I am going to talk about my Erasmus experience in The Netherlands. Well, my stay in Leeuwarden has been different from my stay in Italy.

I chose to live in StudentStay, that is a building with lots of students from many countries around the world like Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, China, Belgium… They are studying in the NHL Stenden University.

I decided to go there because I wanted to improve my English level, to learn more about my subject, to meet foreign students and to be able to talk to them.

I already knew some Italian students whom I met in my last Erasmus course in Italy and I could spend more time with them, so we got together for class work and sometimes for a drink … So, lovely days here in Netherlands all together again and the next Erasmus course will take place in Spain and in Portugal, we will see each other again, I look forward to it.

My Erasmus experience here in the Netherlands has been really good. I think that here people have a higher level of English than people in Italy or in Spain. All the places that I went to like bars, museums, train, information points, all the cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, La Haya… I could see that people spoke English very well and for me, this was the best point because I was able to talk always in English and with people who spoke really good English.

The city is nice, with lots of nature and so many rivers, so we could have chill time on the grass but only this last month (June) because during the previous months it was cloudy every day, rainy and too cold.

We could go to the university and have face to face classes only 3 or 4 days due to the Covid pandemia, but the different groupmates of the class wanted to meet from time to time to get to know each other and to do some projects, assignments or study.  

The content level of projects as well as the level of English were high and demanding and that was good because it made us work harder.

The course basically consisted of working out projects in groups during the week to finally do a presentation.

I can say that we learnt a lot about marketing and creative business through this project work rather than having exams, and we got very good grades

 I have to remark that I find this way of learning much more profitable, you learn a lot more and it prepares you much better for a job.