Our enriching experience in Denmark

During these two weeks in Denmark, we’ve been learning many different things about automation in various sectors, such as industrial and home automation.

In the first few days, we worked on exercises related to pneumatics and automation using PLCs. These tasks were both fun and original. Additionally, the facilities at the vocational school here in Denmark are quite large, extensive and diverse.

In the remaining days, we focused more on home automation or automation for specific premises. We used different applications, starting with Designer, which allowed us to control a light. Another day, we explored KNX, an application that I found more entertaining and interesting because it offers more extensive automation capabilities. Lastly, we used a system called IOT, which involves home automation using a Raspberry Pi and wireless smart devices like buttons, RGB lights, alarms, and sensors.

In conclusion, it has been a productive stay. We’ve learned new things, practiced English with the locals, and enjoyed our free time exploring the town and visiting other cities like Aarhus.