Erasmus+ International Marketing Management Experience

 We are Maria Cañellas and Júlia rius, students doing the International Marketing Management course at Escola del Treball vocational school, Lleida. Now we are taking part in an Erasmus course in Holland and we want to share our Eramus experience with you in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

 Our time in Leeuwarden has been filled with new experiences, feelings, and chances. When we first arrived, we didn’t know anyone and weren’t sure what to expect.

 In the beginning, we explored Leeuwarden and found it charming, despite its small size. Our school, too, impressed us with its modern facilities and friendly atmosphere among students.

 From the start, our classmates made us feel welcome, like we belonged. We quickly made friends and formed a close group. Our teachers didn’t just teach us about marketing; they also taught us about Dutch life and culture.

Leeuwarden turned out to be different from what we expected, especially in its culture, weather, and food. These differences made our experience be richer and more interesting. Despite our initial uncertainties, Leeuwarden has become a special place in our hearts.

 We will always remember the lessons learned and the friendships made during our time here in Leeuwarden.