Experiencing an Erasmus course in Braga, Portugal: A Journey of Learning and Discovery

Embarking on an Erasmus journey is always an exciting and transformative experience. For us, three eager students, our adventure took us to the charming city of Braga, Portugal, where we spent an unforgettable 19 days. First, allow us to introduce ourselves and share the highlights of our enriching Erasmus experience.

Meet the Team:

  1. Anna Julia Costta
  2. Raquel Escabias
  3. Mouad Sayem

We are students doing  Administrative Management at Escola del Treball in Lleida. One day, Erasmus coordinators came to our school to explain the Erasmus program for this year. From the very beginning, we were extremely interested in participating. We applied and were thrilled to be accepted. On May 26th, we had the opportunity to travel to Braga to undertake an internship at Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde in Terra Verde.

Professional Development:

At Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde, we worked in the administration office, honing the skills we have developed over the last two years at our vocational school. We had the pleasure of working closely with Elisabete and Dina, who were really great in guiding us. They not only provided us with tasks and responsibilities within the school but also offered suggestions on what to visit in Braga during our free time.

Cultural and Personal Growth:

Our time in Braga was not solely focused on professional growth. Elisabete and Dina recommendations allowed us to explore the rich cultural heritage of the city. We visited historical sites, enjoyed local cuisine, and immersed ourselves in the vibrant community of Braga. This blend of work and cultural experiences made our stay incredibly enriching.


This Erasmus experience has been unique and enriching in every aspect. It has helped us grow professionally and personally. We believe this opportunity has significantly contributed to our growth as individuals. We are extremely proud and grateful for the chance provided by our school.

We look forward to returning home on June 14th with a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and memories that will stay with us forever.


Our Erasmus experience in Braga has been a remarkable journey of learning, cultural exchange, and personal development. The skills and experiences we gained will undoubtedly benefit us in our future careers. We are thankful for the support and opportunity provided by Escola del Treball and Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde, and we encourage other students to seize such opportunities whenever they arise.