My name is Ariadna Vidal.

Lisbon, what can I say about this beautiful and crazy place?…

Well, it has been really enriching for me to be able to stay almost four months in the capital of Portugal doing an Erasmus course. Firstly, the knowledge, relationships, friendships, experiences and plenty of more unique things that this city has given me have been something that has amazed me for life. In addition, I was greatly lucky to find incredible people who have definitely made my stay be much better.

Secondly, I lived with a really close italian friend and with eight more international students. Moreover, I had the big chance to make hilarious and beautiful relationships with them. However, we were able to practice and speak a wide variety of languages as each one of us was from a different country.

Finally, the studies and the university were really different from the other countries we stayed in before but at the same time interesting. Furthermore, we only did three or four subjects but were actually really complete.

Concluding, what I want to say about this incredible experience is that I will always be proud of what I have lived, what I have learned but above all the people I have met.