Hello! Sveiki!

We are four students of Finance and Accountancy that had the opportunity of participating in an Erasmus+ last June  2023.

And where did we go? No better place than Vilnius, Lithuania.

Although it is a quite unknown place for most of the people in our country, and also for us but we can say that taking this risk was really worth it. It is a country that just surprises and amazes with its architecture, food and modernity.

There we did our training internships  in different companies: Baltic Decor, Donde Tacos and Hilton Garden Inn Vilnius City Centre; and we learned about different aspects of our jobs (customer service, sending emails, filing documents, money management, invoice management…)

And, even though for some of us maybe this learning experience was not the best, we can say that the vital experience was incredible. We wouldn’t change this month for anything in the world.

We visited a lot of places such as Klaipeda, Kaunas and Trakai, we met new friends, some of us reunited with some old friends after a really long time, we learned about Lithuania’s culture… Baltic Sea water is really cold! The traditional food is incredible; the pink soup is really fresh and we loved the Sakotis. Also, the weather was very different during the day, but most of the time was really enjoyable. Finally, the best part is that the city life was really lively, there were festivals, shops, sport areas… and always lots of people wishing to enjoy the time there.

There was always something to do!

We feel really thankful for this enriching opportunity and we all agreed that we would like to have this experience over again. Because one thing is for sure: we didn’t want to come back to Spain!