My name is Pablo Casanova. First of all, I have to say that it has been a great opportunity to participate in this project.

I have always liked the idea of traveling to other countries and doing an Erasmus course seemed like a perfect opportunity to travel and experience what it would be like to live abroad on my own, in a country with a culture and an environment totally different from what I am used to.

I was in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg region (Germany) for a month. I was staying in a hotel and sharing a room with a classmate in Spain. The accommodation was very satisfactory, since it was a hotel we had daily cleaning service in our room, we did not have any type of food included but that did not pose any problem since being in a small city we had different offers in terms of quality and price to eat.

What I found the hardest thing was getting used to the weather because there were few hours of sunshine and most days it was cloudy or raining, something totally different from our country of origin.

The experience at the Daimler school and the Carl-Benz Schule in Gaggenau was unique in that I had the opportunity to work with the most advanced technology in terms of programming and robotics as well as being able to visit the two Mercedes-Benz factories in the area.

We spent the first two weeks at the Daimler school with students from there and we jointly carried out a reader project connected to a PLC and its subsequent programming with TIAportal.

The last two weeks we were at the Carl-Benz Schule and there we had the opportunity to program small didactic robots in addition to being able to continue working with plc and its programming.

It is an experience that I will never forget, because I learned to deal with people who have another language and another culture, at first I thought it would be very difficult for me because I had never socialized with people who did not speak Spanish.

My schoolmate and I went out for a visit to the city of Strasbourg since we were close to the border with France and we also visited the German city of Karlsruhe.

I would repeat this adventure!