My Erasmus in Portugal

My name is Francisco. One day at our school l’Escola del Treball de Lleida, they came to our class to explain to us that there was a new opportunity to do Erasmus in Portugal, I signed up without thinking about it because for me it was a new experience, since I had never travelled before. Luckily they selected me and gave me the great news that on May 1 I had a flight to Portugal. The trip was from May 1 to 30, I went with 2 colleagues and our duty was to go to practice from Monday to Friday at an institute called Amar Terra Verde in a very nice town next to Braga called Vila Verde, the practices consisted of helping the secretary of said institute and we met many people who were very kind to us, every day we had to take a bus to go to this town, since we lived in Braga, in the centre. We got to know the whole city and I liked it a lot, it’s very quiet and the people are great, I had no problem with the language, since we understood each other speaking Spanish, Portuguese and sometimes English. This experience has been one of the best! It has helped me a lot when there is a problem, not to turn to anyone and solve it by myself, to relate to people more easily and to see things in a very different way, I have very good memories and I encourage everyone that you have the opportunity to make the most of it.