My Erasmus course

 Hi, My name is Razvan, I’m here to share my Erasmus trip with all of you! To begin with I will explain how the trip was. First of all,  the students met at the door of the school and then we took a large taxi to carry all the suitcases and took us to the Barcelona airport. From there, we took a plane which took us to Portugal, Porto Airport and from there we took another taxi which took us to Braga to our apartment. Next, I will give you a summary of what we did there! First in the morning we took a bus from the bus station  to go to Vila Verde, a town in Braga where the school was located and we did internships. When we finished we went back by bus to Braga and if we had no pending homework we had the afternoons free to do whatever we wanted. It has been a special, new and highly recommended experience for everyone!