The group-class of higher vocational studies in Electricity has experienced a memorable three-week Erasmus course in Denmark.

Our stay in Denmark has been truly exceptional. We had the privilege of studying at EUC SYD school, located in the charming city of Haderslev, where we stayed throughout our time in the country.

Our three-week adventure at EUC SYD consisted of a mix of learning, culture and exploration

First of all, we have to say that it has been a great opportunity to participate in this project.

We have always liked the idea of traveling to other countries and doing an Erasmus seemed like a perfect opportunity to travel and experience what it would be like to live abroad on our own, in a country with a culture and an environment totally different from ours.

It was a fascinating journey, where we discovered how local culture influences industrial practices.

On the first day at the school we were introduced to the teachers and we were given a tour around the school and the classes we were going to work in. The school facilities were great with a lot of space and very good teachers.

What we found most strange on the first day was the number of breaks during the classes and the fact that they had lunch at 11:30 / 12:00, it took us a bit to getting used to it, but in the end it didn’t bother us so much.

During our three-week stay at EUC SYD, we embarked on an incredible journey that intertwined education, cultural immersion and linguistic growth. The school offered a dynamic learning environment focusing on PLC programming and pneumatics. Under the guidance of expert instructors, we gained hands-on experience, honing our knowledge in these fields and delving into the intricacies of industrial automation.

Apart from the classroom activities, the rich cultural heritage of Denmark had a profound impact on us. As we interacted with the Danish community, we discovered their warm and inclusive nature, which deepened our understanding of their customs and traditions. The concept of hygge, with its emphasis on comfort and well-being, resonated deeply and influenced our outlook on life.

One of the highlights of our stay at EUC SYD was the opportunity to improve our English language skills. Engaging in conversations with peers and instructors allowed us to improve our fluency, expand our vocabulary and improve our overall communication skills. The school’s multicultural environment provided us with broad opportunities for cultural exchange, fostering a deeper appreciation of diverse perspectives and ways of thinking.

In addition, we embarked on memorable day trips to Hamburg and Copenhagen. In Hamburg, we were captivated by the city’s vibrant atmosphere, historical monuments and culinary delights. Exploring the picturesque streets and tasting traditional German cuisine created indelible memories.  In Copenhagen, we marveled at the mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Our three-week stay at EUC SYD was really enriching and an eye-opening, it was a transformative experience that broadened our horizons in multiple dimensions. The combination of technical education, cultural immersion and language enhancement enriched our overall learning journey. The supportive and collaborative environment of the school, along with the captivating experiences in Hamburg and Copenhagen, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the EUC SYD community and for the personal and educational growth we have gained during this extraordinary adventure.

The truth is that we enjoyed the trip very much, if we had the opportunity to come back we would not think twice before saying yes!