My Erasmus experience in Italy 

My name is Eric Carulla, I am a student of International Marketing Management higher course, at Escola Del Treball vocational school.

I am nineteen years old and I started this wonderful adventure together with 7 other students from Lleida and 3 others from Vic, we all travelled to Bergamo (Italy) on October 10th to do the first stage of this course at the Fondazione JAC, in San Paolo d’Argon. We stayed at a beautiful renovated convent in a quiet mountain village near the school

The experience of living in the same house with 8 people of the same age, with different characters, tastes and hobbies but studying the same course is very enriching from very different points of view. For my part, from doing all the housework, taking care of paying the rent, to making the food and cleaning the clothes has made me grow a lot as a person, and you realize that all you do directly affects both the people you are living with and the results you get both academically and as an individual improving your habits and growing as a person.

As far as education at JAC is concerned, from the very first moment I saw the place in pictures I was stunned, and again when I entered it in person, an old convent perfectly renovated and adapted to the needs of the students, I would also like to highlight the welcome we had in the Italian way with a musical band and an opera singer reciting the nessun dorma that left us all with goose bumps, the way  teachers and directors treated us as “talents” and not as students made me see them in a different way and start the classes with even more enthusiasm.

Back at school, we were privileged to have such beautiful views of the interior yard with the columns and the green grass that we could see from all the windows in the corridors that lead to the classrooms and other areas. It is a luxury to see the murals painted on the ceiling of the classrooms in the purest Michel Angelo style in the Sistine Chapel, something that made a lover of art like me be amazed when I entered room 202.

I would also like to highlight the innovative way in which the classes are structured at this Italian ITS, since all the teachers who taught the lessons were professionals in this sector, either running their own companies or working for other companies. This makes you see that they also work as teachers because they are passionate about teaching what they do every day at their work and so their experience and knowledge were a great contribution

The structure of the classes was very interactive and practical, as every so often they gave us some theory, we worked in groups and did classwork or presentations about what they had learned. I had been thinking for some time that traditional education was very old-fashioned and this way of teaching lessons is very good for a more effective learning and for the development of the students.

I am very happy and grateful to be able to take part in this course, I have learnt so many things that I am very anxious to see what the new experience in Holland will be like.