My name is Josep Tomas. I just came back from an Erasmus course in Germany.

We were staying in Rastatt, a small town in southern Germany, near Strasbourg.

The first two weeks, we did an internship at the DAIMLER Truck Education Center. At Daimler we made an RFID machine, which in short is a machine that makes possible to identify and transmit information about an object, through radio frequency waves. Later we were programming PLCs in GRAPH, block etc and we also visited some factories that made car transmissions and another one that was metallurgical.

The next two weeks we were at Carl-Benz Schule. Here they taught us to program a robotic arm in different ways, with blocky, by movements, etc. And the following week we were programming a machine with GRAPH and blocks that consisted of turning on a tape that carried an object, the clamp would take the object, give it back and put it back on the tape.

Summing up, this experience has provided me with a great academic training, personal and professional growth, as well as considerable improvement in my language skills.