My Erasmus in The Netherlands

I am Alex Vallejo and I am a student, I am taking part in the iMM mobility program of l’Escola del Treball vocational school. I first went to Italy for 4 months and then I came to the Netherlands, Leeuwarden for 5 months.

My experience in Leeuwarden has been really awesome, I was staying in a student residence in the centre of the city, where I made quite a few friends. There I met a lot of people, and had incredible experiences with my classmates.

Lessons were not very heavy, not long hours of classes and with a simple routine of study, but the truth is that it was a method that I liked a lot because after the lessons, you had to do group work with your classmates, so everything was much more practical and I learnt a lot. I was able to learn a lot of English, too, thanks to the high level of the classes and thanks to being able to interact with people from other countries. I also had the opportunity to learn Italian, because many times we got together with some Italian classmates whom we had met while doing the Erasmus course in Italy.

In short, it has been a unique experience which I highly recommend to students, it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life to get to know myself and grow as a person, and of course to learn languages and study what I like the most, Marketing.