My Erasmus experience in Italy

Hello teachers and IMM students;

My name is Jordi Mayench. I am a student at Escola del Treball vocational school and I have been doing an Erasmus course in Italy.  My stay here has been brief. It was very short but intense.

 I recommend the next students who are to do the IMM to take a house all together at the beginning of your stay to get to know each other better, to see with whom you have more affinity and to learn how to manage for a living.

Italy is very beautiful, I went there on a school trip for a few days a few years ago and I visited many places. Because of Covid we were not able to travel a lot, yet we could manage to visit the places we liked the most like Bergamo, Milan, Varenna and Bellagio.

In JAC we had several subjects:

A few of them were very theoretical and more difficult, but if you studied good enough and followed the class work you could learn it quite easily!

As for the other more practical subjects, it was all work from beginning to the end, you had to do a Power Point and a final presentation. It’s very cool and fun to do this kind of work, and you learn a lot.

We got on well with the Italian students and the people there, the classes were in English and they understood each other quite well. We had discussions with the students in English/Spanish and in the end we understood each other very well!

Talking and participating in class helps a lot but talking to others by WhatsApp at break time or outside the class helps you a lot to improve your English and your fluency of speech!

Therefore, I regard my experience as a further degree of learning and a very positive and enriching experience, it helps you to mature in terms of housework and how to manage for a living (washing machines, shopping, cleaning…) It makes you grow older and prepares you for adult life! At the same time, you can improve your English, learn a lot about marketing, learn about the Italian culture and meet new people.