Erasmus+ International Marketing Management

We are Júlia Rius and Maria Cañellas, two students doing an International Marketing Management course in Escola del Treball, Lleida. As we are already halfway of our first school year, we are happy to write this article about our Erasmus experience in Italy. This Erasmus course is divided in four semesters, each one in a different country, our first 3 months were in Bergamo, Italy.

We have had a lot of new experiences, feelings, and opportunities in this semester. We felt a bit uneasy at first because we went there without knowing each other and without any clue of what it was going to be like and who we were going to meet.

After our arrival in Bergamo, we spent the first days going out a bit to see the city, it’s not big but we can assure that it is fascinating. These first days went by and the first day of school arrived, we were late (public transport is the same everywhere). Once we got to the Jobs Academy (name of our school there) we were amazed, firstly by the building, secondly by the large number of people studying there and lastly by the amazing people we had in our class.

Since the very first day all our classmates made it easy for us to adapt in the new country, they welcomed us as though we had known each other for a long time.

The days were passing by fast, we started to create our little family with our college mates.  Teachers not only wanted to teach us everything about Marketing, Markets… but also about life. We felt like at home during the three months we stayed there, Bergamo will always have a place in our hearts as we take home lovely memories of our Erasmus course in this city.