We are students at Escola del Treball vocational school, we are group class C and we are studying administration and finance. Our experience in Dublin has been wonderful. It’s a very beautiful country, very old, it has a lot of history, it is quite big, and cold, it rains every day, I really liked its monuments, especially Molly Malone, the story of a beautiful young woman who lived in Dublin in the seventeenth century, she was well known throughout the world because she sold fresh fish. The GPO Museum is fantastic for its history. We also liked the downtown area called Temple Bar city center, where the nightlife of the Irish capital is concentrated. It is bordered to the north by the river Liffey, to the south by Dame Street, to the east by O’Connell Bridge and to the west by Christchurch Cathedral.

It’s one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. We got on very well with the family. It was very pleasant the whole stay, and  it is recommended 100%.   The visits were very interesting, but the people who guided the visits were not very good except for the one we had the first day, the rest we could see that they were students who only did that job to earn some  money.

Also, the teachers at the academy were not the best, we did very little class to improve our English, but the facilities were unbeatable. To conclude, the most pleasant thing for me was the Irish family we stayed with, but in general it was very good, both the excursions and the activities outside school hours.