From 26th of February to 4 th of March we had the opportunity to go to Dublin. And even though we had to wake up really early to take the plane we didn’t care because the chance was really worth it.

We loved staying with Irish families. We got to know more about their culture and we met nice people.

We also played with the dogs and with the family kids on the computer the few hours we were at home. Even some of us watched movies and soccer all together, as a real family.

In the morning we went to an English academy to take some English lessons with  our teachers Erin and Aoife. They were so funny, and we learned through games.

Also, we visited different places of Dublin such as Phoenix Park, St. Patrick Cathedral, the Castle, Collin Barracks… And we learned a lot about Irish history and culture. We also made funny challenges and games with our guides.

Finally, we could spend some quality time with our friends and we met other people from our school.

We got along really well, we made bond and, as we learned, we were feeling grand at the point we wanted to linger there for much longer time.

If we could, we would repeat this experience!!